Monday, February 4, 2008

A name to remember

Jordan Henriquez (according to the website) has an offer from Xavier. What is interesting about this (if true) is we have no available scholarships for next season. This simply could be us offering with the expectation Jordan attend prep school because as of right now strength is lacking. He has grown two inches to 6'11" but still weighs barely over 200 pounds. Before the season started the Port Chester, NY native was getting attention from CAA schools but with the growth spurt and improving skill set he has hit the radar and generated offers from a host of A10 schools, an SEC team has offered, and even some Big 12 squads are making contact.

I think it should also be noted that Charles Bronson has not scratched in the last 8 games. Given his 'nomadic' journey thus far (prep school, East Carolina, Panola JC, Redlands CC, now X) he could decide he would be better off elsewhere. Who knows, just something to think about and shows the staff continues to leave no option unexplored.

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