Thursday, February 21, 2008

True Fans

I took a friend of mine to a game for the first time tonight. My usual season ticket holder buddy is on vacation and gave me his spare as any good friend will do. Upon picking up the aformentioned first timer he said 'You are a true diehard for going to a game in this weather.' We proceeded to the game and pounded a 100 ounces of draft beer with about 5500 of our closest friends. Very festive atmosphere at the Cintas tonight and all the fans and workers are to be commended for braving the weather and supporting the team. And what a team to support. Lavender only played 14 minutes tonight and we still shredded a team known for it's press by 27?!? Dayton lost to Lasalle in OT?!? Was there a lunar eclipse or something?!? We are seriously picking up some mighty 'mo' heading to March. One of the top point guards in the nation needing a break, no problem our defensive stopper will step in and dish out a career high 12 dimes. 14 blocked shots against us, no problem will keep attacking the basket. Dante Jackson continues to flash from time to time and I think will be a defensive stopper in the future. I expected a much tougher time against the Dukes who did a good job limiting the red hot Duncan. We now proceed to Flyer Land with a four game lead with four conference games to go. After Sunday we will have six days off before George Washington which should give Drew some time to heal. No doubt he would have played more if the game was tight but having options sure is nice. With the Flyers sucking wind he may not need to play much come Sunday either. UD=NIT even with a win against us Sunday (NFW that happens BTW)!

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