Monday, February 11, 2008

Random Thoughts

A few random thoughts on the college basketball season thus far:

- What was the reason NC State fans didn't like Herb Sendek again? 2-0 against Arizona this season is something I don't think the Sun Devils have done since WW 2 era.

- Keno Davis should be the coach of the year. Period. He will be on everybody's short list for coaching searches this spring and I hope Drake can find the resources to keep him.

- Loyalty? I guess going to the Final Four only buys you two years, poor John Brady.

- Bob Knight did not retire. He resigned. His antics will be back. He is just doing what every other coach does (and I mean EVERY) and that is looking out for his own best interests.

- I ALMOST feel sad for Dayton. In the span of a week the A10 went from 5 teams in the dance to now just two locks. You can't lose to Gdub when you are holding on. Not this season anyway.

- I was glad Lance McAlister finally recognized some Xavier recruits on his blog. I was also satisfied that he did not leave off Yancy's suspension from his blog either.

- North Carolina needs Ty Lawson back in time for March to make their expected run. If he doesn't return to 100% they will be potential upset victims that first weekend.

- Looking for sleepers in the big dance? I like Purdue and Stanford to make runs.

- When you coach at a Catholic, Jesuit school are you allowed to use words like 'goddamn' and 'sonofabitch' in your post game pressers? I guess if your a Philly guy through and through like Phil Martelli you can do whatever the hell you want. He could coach for me in a minute.

- Louisville is coming on as strong as Pitino's white suit from the game against Georgetown. He had to change at half because the white was showing his blue briefs. What no red/black briefs coach?

- Kentucky has enjoyed some resurgence and could make a run in the SEC tournament. All Wildcat fans can come back from the ledge now.

- Where would UC be without Deonta Vaughn? Where could they be with Hernol Hall and Mike Williams in the lineup?

- For all those expecting the Muskies to take a big step back next year don't hold your breath. Inexperience at point guard is the worse place to have it but the kids they have coming in should be able to handle it. Brown, Anderson, and Raymond could all average 20 a night on lesser teams.

- Final Four projections as of today: Kansas, Duke, Tennessee, and Xavier.

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