Friday, February 22, 2008

Time For A Beat Down

I want X to blow out the cryers in the worst way Sunday. They would drop to 5-8 in the conference and lose some serious ground for an at large opportunity. They currently are on Joe Lunardi's last four out and this would crush their hopes. If the 13,000 plus faithful till the end UD fans can pull their team along and pull the upset their resume takes on a whole new perspective. With their struggles of late they need this win badly. The built in excuse currently is that Chris Wright will absolutely, for really sure not play this weekend. All 'jack @$$' aside that is probably a good thing. That kid does have some real talent and potential and we can only wish him nothing but the best in his recovery. All this sets the stage for some serious drama Sunday at 2:00 PM. Xavier pushing for rarified air as a #2 seed (we are currently at #7 in the RPI and will enjoy a nice boost with a Tennessee win Saturday night) and Dayton needing another quality win added to the fact that we hate each others guts on the floor and I am getting amped for this one.

I still want to crush them and their hopes for any NCAA tournament chances. The folks at Play by Play Cafe on Plainfield Road in Silverton are hosting a viewing party for Xavier fans and that sounds like a great time for yours truly. I want to enjoy a Musketeer massacre of the cryers with fellow 'X'ers' (that one is for you Dastardly) and dream of a deep run in the tournament. I want to crush them for guys like Swampy Meadows and the UD 'Pride' message board jerks. I want a Chris Mack 'ball off the face on the inbounds' type of beat down. I want the kind of beat down worthy of a celebration of earning at least a share of the A10 title with a win. I want to smash them in the mouth with DBrown throwdowns and JDunc threes. I want Drew Lavender to sit this one out completely so we can include that in the legend of what very well maybe the best 'team' in Xavier history. I want BJ Raymond to be remembered as the best player on his high school team. I want the kind of relentless beat down that leads to Sean and Brian having a 'no hand shake' ending. Ok that is going a little far. I would simply settle for a victory and clearly acknowledge that will be no easy task.

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