Sunday, December 21, 2008

What a week for the Bearcats

Man its been a jam packed week for UC. They beat all the teams the should have this week with only a few issues worth mentioning. 
1.They are still putting to much on Vaughns plate in my opinion but it looks like Dion Dixon may take some of the load at guard as he gets better and better. 
2. Entry passes have been abysmal and they still need a lot of work in that regard.
3. I was screaming at Yancy on Thurday night. He seemed to not be interested in playing D for stretches in the second half. 
4. Most importantly they still seem to have trouble getting into a rhythm on offense. This did look better against Eastern Kentucky but not as good as it could be. 

Now the good stuff.
1. The three point shooting was pretty damn good this week. They should have won by 30 on thursday but the D got soft to start the 2nd half. 
2. Dion Dixon gets better everytime he steps on the floor. 
3. Mike Williams and Yancy Gates looked very good against EKU. Those are the kind of games we need from them every night. 

A win Monday night against Arkansas-Pine Bluff will finish out a nine day stretch of five games with a 4-1 record. not bad. 

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