Sunday, December 21, 2008

Real Time RPI Update 12/21

Took a look at the realtime rpi website this morning to see how far we fell. They currently have Xavier at #3 with a SOS rated 5th overall. For reference Duke is #2 in the RPI with a SOS rated 13th overall after yesterday's games. Looking ahead to Tuesday night we face the Butler Bulldogs who are currently ranked #4 in the RPI and they have a SOS of 15. SO as all the 'haters' can clearly see losing to quality teams is not nearly as bad as taking an 'L' to a team with a double digit RPI ranking. X still has shots at quality wins against Butler, Virginia, Louisiana State, Temple, Dayton, and Rhode Island. There are also several other A10 teams in the top 100 of the RPI. I feel good about our NCAA tournament chances based off our SOS. IF we can manage 11 wins in the A10 and take two out of the UVA, LSU, and Butler games we should be sitting at 23-7 heading to Atlantic City. Considering 3 other teams in the top 10 lost yesterday we may not fall in the AP/ESPN polls as much as I originally thought. We should stay in the top 20. Winning Tuesday would be huge. Your's truly will be sitting directly behind the X bench for this one thanks to knowing some VIP's instead of my usual second deck seats in the 'Tas. Hopefully the team delivers an early Xmas present.

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