Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Finally ready to address the Crosstown loss

I freaking HATE losing to freaking Xavier!!!!!!!!!

I thought I could do this respectfully but I can't. Kenny Frease I now hate your guts for the duration of your stay at Xavier. I have heard rumblings that Yancy instigated the headbutting incident but I don't care. You're a tool. What can Brown do for you? How about whine and run his mouth when he doesn't get all the superstar calls he thinks he deserves. 

Don't get m wrong Xavier out toughed and out played the Bearcats almost the entire game.If it wasn't for Deonta it would have been ugly. That doesn't change the fact that I hate losing to them. 

If anything good came out of this game its this. Both teams showed that all the talk about the Shootout losing its edge can be put to rest. THAT was what rivalry games look like. So Duke & UNC can bite me if they think their game is any better.

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