Monday, December 22, 2008

Man We Took A Beating

In this weeks ESPN/AP Polls. We fell all the way to 14th in the AP and landed at 12 in the ESPN Poll. Real Time RPI has us holding steady at #3 behind Oklahoma and UCONN. Butler and Duke round out the top 5 as of 330 Monday afternoon. X wins over Missouri and Memphis remain strong as both received top 25 love this week.

Obviously the people who are paid to keep track of these sorts of things understand the landscape of college basketball a little better than some of us on this blog. Will be interesting to see how we respond tomorrow night. It will be important for this edition of the Musketeers not to let one bad loss develop into something more. We need to let Holloway play the lion's share of the minutes at '1' these next 3 games (Butler, Robert Morris, at Virginia)if his foot can take it. We will need to have a true offensive point guard in the mix if we want to do well in conference play and beyond.

Also let me add that today's edition of Real Time RPI has five teams from the A10 in the top 50. As a comparison the Big East has 6. Wow. Huge difference. The Big East SOS is 7, the A10 is 5. Wow. Huge difference.

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