Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ohio Recap

X wins 78-56 by shooting 69% in the first half and finishing with 52% shooting for the game. CJ Anderson put up a very strong style 22 points against the Bobcats. Brown was perfect from the field (7-7) including 3 of those buckets coming from behind the arc. BJ Raymond a very unselfish 3-5 from the field. Nice to see you back Terrell. There was a few minutes there at the end of the first half tonight that were simply spectacular on your part. 'Big Lovely' had a very workmanlike 6 points, 7 rebounds, and four blocks in 17 minutes. Frease continues to struggle to get in the offensive flow and forced some things tonight. He continues to be a very solid rebounder, defender and passer and those things help you win games too. The offense will come. Overall a great game and the end of the bench lineup was playing with about five minutes to go.

I am enjoying watching the offense improve the last two games. Holloway makes a huge difference to our offensive flow. We are much better in transition with him in the lineup. It had to be strange for John Groce to be sitting on the other end for a game at Cintas. He is sitting at 4-4 right now but give him time and they will be a regular contender in the MAC.

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