Monday, December 15, 2008

Poll/RPI Updates 12/15

The polls came out this afternoon with Xavier sitting at #7 in both. Duke has the #6 spot in both polls which sets the table for a major matchup this Saturday in New Jersey.

RPI we are sitting at 4th with the 14th toughest schedule according to the SOS rankings. With Duke at #8 in the RPI and the Butler Bulldogs sitting at #3 you see X has a golden opportunity to strengthen the resume before A10 conference play begins. The A10 fared well this weekend with Temple beating #8 Tennessee and UMASS (3-6) handing it to the defending national champions Kansas in Kansas City.

UC is sitting at 61 in the RPI with a SOS of 58. Their best out of conference quality wins have been against UNLV and UAB. It would be beneficial for them to beat both Mississippi State and Memphis before the first of the year. Games against Arkansas Pine Bluff, Charleston Southern, and Eastern Kentucky are assumed givens in the win column. Of course they play in the uber tough Big East Conference which if they can win enough will greatly enhance their post season chances.

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