Monday, December 8, 2008

Is that upset I smell?

Are there some guys over on Victory parkway who are starting to believe the hype? UC? What about UC? They aren't ranked! We are!

OK that's probably not happening but I hope so.

By the way folks I'm sure that later this week my hated(well not really hated)compadre Deck is going to try and play the same old "Xavier is the underdog and nobody in this city respects us" card so I'm calling him on it now. X has dominated this series since Y2K. Let it go. They are ranked as high as they have ever been for this game. Anything less than a victory should be a big disappointment. X has always thrived on that kind of mentality. Last season it was the "We are not Mid-Major" thing.  OK, your not. what you are is a top notch program so find a new chip to fit on your shoulders cause the underdog one is old and out dated. 

As for my beloved Cats, They are a better team than Mick has had by quite a margin so when they win it wont be a surprise to us UC fans. Just a big step on the way back up. 


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