Monday, December 15, 2008

Game Experience

As stated earlier I enjoyed my experience at 5/3 Arena Saturday night and not just because the Muskies won either. There was plenty of parking and the campus looked great. Varsity Village should be admired by anybody who visits the UC campus in Clifton. Our seats were center court but near the very, very top. So much so we stood because it was easier to view the game. That precluded me from returning for another beer and dog (which was decent) because I went to watch the game and not get a work out. There was more blue in the house than I was expecting but for the most part everybody was cordial. Towards the end as UC edged nearer there was one 'tard who had a few too many. Everybody on X was either unskilled, an oaf, or a thug in his intoxicated opinion and I reminded a young X fan arguing with the drunk that was going to ruin alot of people's good time in our section. Let it go.

I actually got a laugh out of Connor Barwin's comment at half time as well. What else was he going to say? The mascot fight instigated by the Bearcat was a little much and he broke our flag but the Muskie got one in on him when he wrapped him in the 'X'. Actually very symbolic of the game. Driving home I listened to Mick as is per my custom of the Crosstown. Whichever team loses I always catch the postgame show of that coach. Mick lamented the lack of transition points. I really thought he may have had some better halfcourt offensive schemes giving he had a whole week to prepare. He most likely did but execution became a challenge.

For us up next is Duke on Saturday 12/20. We are on exam week. UC has a full schedule beginning with Charleston Southern today. They have four games within the next week I believe. The SEC/Big East challenge down at US Bank looks to be a very entertaining double header with Louisville and Ole Miss hooking up opposite UC and Mississippi State. I may attend that one. MSU has a great shotblocker named Varnado. With MSU and Memphis this week the Bearcats will have a chance to improve on their non conference resume. Good luck the rest of the way.

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