Sunday, December 21, 2008


Despite being 'owned' by Duke we will still be a top 20 team. Despite being 'owned' by Duke we are still the best team in Cincinnati (rankings such as the RPI and AP poll prove it- not to mention spanking, headbutting, punching them on their own floor). Despite being 'owned' by Duke the game against Butler was always earmarked to be a big game (chances to beat top 5 RPI teams always are). Despite being 'owned' by Duke we still have one of the hottest coaches in America. Despite being 'owned' by Duke we are a team with bonafide NBA prospects. Despite being 'owned' by Duke we are sitting at 9-1. Despite being 'owned' by Duke we have been to 2 elite 8's the last 5 years. Despite being 'owned' by Duke we have NCAA aspirations THIS season. Despite being 'owned' by Duke we have played a schedule void of cupcakes.

The point? We are pretty damn good with lots to look forward to. This loss will be a benchmark for improvement for this team for the balance of the season.


Bryan said...

The point in actuality is you are embarrassed and decided to lash out. The problem is, you just make up lies in order to do this, which makes you (and the university you support) look bad.

Who are the NBA prospectS you speak of? Derrick Brown is a fringe NBA prospect. He will likely be a late first round pick or early second rounder and struggle to make an NBA roster. Who else though? I see no one.

Love all the Kenny Frease hype I heard early in the season. He has turned out to be a monster, but only in the way he runs. His basketball skill are fairly non-existent.

Regarding the RPI: Its an extremely flawed measure of a team and Xavier's is going to be hurt by the weak conference they play in.

UC most certainly has NCAA aspirations this season, as evidence by their 38th rated RPI at the moment (since you love that ranking so much).

Beating Butler (who isn't nearly as good as Duke) doesn't erase the embarrassment that was Saturday for Xavier, not matter how big Xavier fans try to make that game.

IUPU FW, Toledo, Ohio and to a lesser extent Va Tech and Miami are most certainly cupcakes. And then add to that the embarrassment that is the A10, and Xavier's schedule doesn't even come close to comparing to UCs. So don't try.

Basically, stop saying stupid stuff. You try to attack UC, but you just embarrass yourself and Xavier.

Dave said...

Damn Deck. I dont even have to say anything else. Bryan has it covered. Nice knockout punch Bryan. LOL

Deck said...

Bryan? You came back? Where have you been? I eagerly anticipated your comments after the Crosstown game. Didn't have much to say? I find that hard to believe. I wanted to see if Mick 'outcoached' Sean in this year's edition. Mick is 1-2 if your keeping score in the Queen City's big game.

Derrick Brown and Jordan Crawford are bonafide NBA prospects. Most likely you can add BJ Raymond to the list too.

Some trivia for you Brian: who was the last UC graduate to get drafted?

Also love the personal attacks on the guys. They continue to make you look small.