Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Favorite 'Crosstown' Moments

Heading over to enemy territory tonight is a first for me. Either way the game goes it will be a lasting memory for me. I am getting amped just thinking about it!

Past highlights for me in this storied rivalry include:

- The Lenny Brown shot in 1996 (duh!)

- The 'no handshake' game between Gillen and Huggins.

- 'L-Train's' shot over Eric Hicks.

- Jason Maxiell questioning West's toughness and doing nothing to stop him from winning.

- Jamal Walker's infamous play.

- Charles Williams' infamous play.

- Dontonio Wingfield flipping off the X student section and then putting up a whole two points during his only Shootout.

- The ending to the '99 game. I miss Kevin Frey sometimes.

- 5'5" Drew Lavender's block on 6'1" Deonta Vaughn in last year's edition closing minutes. Please note one of the players heights is accurate, the other is not.

I am hoping I will have pleasant memories again in this year's edition. It sure is shaping up to be a good one on paper.

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