Saturday, December 20, 2008

Game Recap: Duke

Ouch. It hurts to get your nose broke. Duke took it right to X in the first 3 minutes and it was over. So goes a golden opportunity. Overall at the end of the season it won't be a 'bad' loss on the resume. Derrick Brown hopefully will continue to step up and understand he could be the 'man' for this team. Raymond and Anderson didn't give us enough today. Flat out laid an 'egg' to say the least as a team overall.

Turnovers and horrible three point defense played right into the Blue Devils hands. I tip my hat to them. Far and away the best team we will play all season and when their hitting 50% plus from downtown kiss your chances of winning good bye. This was the first game our ugly wart of not having a true point guard to settle us down and compose us on the floor was exposed in a huge spotlight no less. Coach K is a master and great motivation sitting all of his starters down against UNC Asheville the previous game. 18-1 lifetime for the Meadowlands for the 'Dookies'. We got our face smashed by true basketball royalty today. Still hurts. They are a clear top 5 team. We should land some where around twenty in the polls if I had to guess.

Kenny Frease needs to continue to get stronger and improve his scoring efficiency around the goal. These games will be a great learning experience for him. Nice to see Redford drop some bombs from downtown to stem the bloodletting late. The boy has range. McLean needs some serious help from the free throw line. Jackson and Holloway should switch spots in the rotation possibly. Dante' could serve as a nice 6th man due to his ability to defend 1-3 on the floor. With X being on break it could be a long few days for the team as they get ready to take on Butler. The Bulldogs are strong again taking undefeated Ohio State to the wire and holding them to 54 points. They are a good three point shooting team. A 6'8" frosh wing named Hayward has a very nice game for Brad Stevens' squad. And fans who follow Musketeer recruiting closely will know the name Matt Howard. He is a solid inside performer for them. They are a top 10 RPI squad so it will be a nice chance to score another 'quality' win at the Cintas Center Tuesday night. In order to do that we need to tighten up the ball handling, three point defense and work harder on our identity on offense

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