Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday Notes

The Associated Press and ESPN USA Today coaches polls have been updated. X lands at #17 in the AP and #18 in ESPN's version. Both represent a climb over last week. Realtime RPI has us sitting at #11. If we can beat UD and Richmond to close the season out at 25-5 I think we can re-enter the discussion for a 4 seed. Truth is there is a logjam of teams fighting for that 3-6 spot on the line. Teams in that category are not making it easier on the selection committee.

Other things noticed:

-My favorite internet 'journalist' is back at it on UD Pride. The old 'swampster' still thinks Paul Williams is the better player over Brad 'Opie' Redford. Opie is swampy's nickname for Brad. I remember this guy telling me Brad would never put up decent numbers in college and Paul Williams was more highly sought after and thus going to be the better player in college. Let's compare stats of both players and you guys tell me who you would rather have RIGHT NOW:

Redford: 28 GP/12.8 MPG .476 FG% .490 3P% 5.8 PPG 21 Assists/19 TO/19 Rebounds

Williams: 26 GP/10.8 MPG .345 FG% .269 3P% 2.0 PPG 8 Assists/13 TO/43 Rebounds

If you like your two guards to rebound then Paul is your man. If you like them to score the ball go with Brad. Notice how Paul averages about two minutes less per game but doesn't score or shoot nearly as well as Brad. I hope we punch you in the mouth Thursday night.

-Kyryl Natyazkho visited the OU Bobcats last Thursday night for their game against the Miami Redhawks. Why is a top 100 four star recruit visiting a MAC school? John Groce is the answer. Groce shouldn't be at OU long. Apparently though the students went all out for Kyryl bringing Ukrainian flags to the game, making sure three lovely volleyball players chatted him up, chanting his name and so forth. The posters on their message boards aren't giving themselves much a chance at landing him but I wouldn't count OU out. Paul Biancardi from ESPN indicates X, Florida State, and Arizona State are the big fella's top three. Something tells me he will take all five of his allotted visits before we have a decision.

-Less than two weeks away from 'Selection Sunday'. ESPN's 'Championship Week' is my favorite television programming besides the 'Big Dance'. I'll probably move up one waist size before March is over. And I couldn't care any less.

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