Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Morning Thoughts

'Dancin, dancin, dancin, dancing machine!' How about those Muskies? A four seed off a 5-5 finish tells me respect has been earned. Not overly excited about going to Boise to play a good west coast underdog team in Portland State, but nevertheless a better than expected seeding draw. This is Xavier's 20th NCAA tournament appearance overall, 18th since 1984. Also this is our fourth appearance in a row under Sean Miller. I truly thought we were looking at a five seed and I would much rather be playing the Vikings in the first round than say a Wisconsin Badger team. The Vikings however are dangerous (see their win at Gonzaga) and a team that loves to shoot the three. I will have a in depth look at them up tomorrow. Here are some other things on my mind:

- Dayton against West Virginia has me torn. Huggins keeps creeping back into my life and I am not sure who I am pulling for in this one. Friday is shaping up to be a big day for tri state viewers as UD tips around 3 PM. Part of me wants to see the A10 score one over the Big East but a big part of me hates everything UD, hence the 'torn' scenario for me.

- X finished 22nd in this week's ESPN poll. The Musketeers were seeded as a top 16 team. What does it mean? To me finishing in the top 25 is better than I expected preseason. However late January I had hoped for a top 10 finish.

- Who does the Ohio State University know on the selection committee? The Buckeyes in Dayton with the possibility of facing Louisville on Sunday doesn't seem fair. I think Siena is going to upset that dream. Fran McCaffery along with Brad Stevens are on my short list for potential future coaches of Xavier if necessary. As part of the tristate triple header on Friday they tip around 9:40 PM. Fans on UDPride are already scheming to let a bidding war begin for tickets for the UL/OSU potential matchup. I would take the Buckeyes in that one if they can get past the Saints.

- Kentucky fans miss Tubby? His Golden Gophers at Minnesota are in the 'Big Dance'. Billy Gillespie has been regulated to Memorial Hall to play UNLV in the Not Important Tournament. Rupp Arena has more important things to do with hosting the high school boys basketball state tournament Tuesday night.

- Poor, poor Bearcats didn't even get a call for the Not Important Tournament. Sippin' Mick has too much pride to take another invite to the Crappy Basketball Invitational. As usual his excuses are poor; 'It's a television event' in regards to the NIT tournament passing over his Bearcats for other Big East 'giants' Notre Dame and Georgetown. Really? You mean people would rather watch lowly A10 teams Duquesne and Rhode Island over the 9th best team in the Big East? Man oh man that will be Sports Illustrated's sure sign the apocolaypse is coming in this week's edition.

- Continuing with the Bearcats I didn't know Deonta Vaughn had an injury issue. It was reported today that his big toe will need X rays. That could explain his play down the stretch. The guy had to do too much. I was also disappointed to read about Kenny Belton's playing days being over forever. That will give Mick an extra schollie to get a point guard. There is no way in hell the NCAA gives Mike Williams an extra year of eligibility. They care about kids too much. Insert sarcasm here. My latest edition of Prepstars Recruiters Handbook lists the Bearcats being involved with their #81 prospect overall in Eric Bledsoe. He is a 6-0 point guard out of Birmingham, AL. Ole Miss, Tennessee, Kentucky, Florida, Duke and Memphis are also listed highlighting the paucity of point guards in this class. Bearcat fans should take a look at Juco Junction site by Rivals and see what point guards are available as well. Most would agree the 'Cats need more options at point guard for 2009-2010 season. Also I am curious as to see what develops with the rest of their roster. The Enquirer reported today that Mick was meeting with sophomore Alvin Mitchell to discuss his status.

- I normally wouldn't speak so much on UC but my boy Dave (like the Bearcats) has tanked. He has plenty of excuses (another familiar Bearcat refrain) as to why and they are all very valid. You see Dave (like many Bearcat fans) suffers from what I refer to as 'fairweatherism'. It is very common in the Greater Cincinnati area. Most around here tend to pump their chests in the offseason of their teams whether it be the Bengals, Reds, or Bearcats moreso than during the season. I suffer and rejoice with my teams year round. Although the Bengals are getting harder and harder to get excited for anymore.

- I am on vacation this week (thus the long winded post). Other things to do today: clean out closets for a Goodwill donation trip, take my 18 month old son to see the dinosaurs exhibit at the Museum Center (he loves them), and do some more reading on Portland State. It's great to be on vacation. Tomorrow being St. Patrick's Day includes all day at Turfway Park acting Irish and an evening at UD Arena watching Morehead State v Alabama State in the play in game. Donnie Tyndall and Morehead could give Louisville a run. Also who doesn't want to see Chief Kickingstallionsims play for the Hornets of Alabama State? The late evening will include acting more 'irish' on Tuesday. Wednesday is for recovery and yard work. And then we have the tournament. Yes vacation is very, very good.

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