Sunday, March 8, 2009

A 10 Tournament Set

The A10 tournament is set to begin Wednesday March 11th in Atlantic City, NJ. The site for the games is once again Boardwalk Hall. I will list the games in the order they are played with a predicted winner for each:

Wed March 11th-

#8 LaSalle -v- #9 St. Louis (St. Louis)
#5 St. Joseph's -v- #12 Charlotte (St. Joseph's)

#7 Duquesne -v- #10 UMASS (Duquesne)
#6 Richmond -v- #11 St. Bona (Richmond)

Thu March 12th-

#1 Xavier -v- #9 St. Louis (Xavier)
#4 Temple -v- #5 St. Joseph's (Temple)

#2 Rhode Island -v- #7 Duquesne (Rhode Island)
#6 Richmond -v- #3 Dayton (Richmond)

Fri March 13th-
#1 Xavier -v- #4 Temple (Temple)
#2 Rhode Island -v- #6 Richmond (Rhode Island)

Sat March 14th-
#2 Rhode Island -v- #4 Temple (Temple)

Of course my preseason predictions were awful and most likely these will turn to be way off base when the actual tournament plays out. In the scenario I laid out it could mean that 4 A10 teams make the tournament. That is very highly unlikely to come to fruition.

For X, it is the Billikens or the Explorers. Both teams are capable of better than their in season showings against us. I think the Muskies rebound off the loss at Richmond to win this one. Next round if were facing Temple I think the Owls get the return matchup. If we end up across St. Joes we advance to the championship on Saturday and most likely win. After the A10 tournament I will put up my version of the A10 postseason accolades.

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