Monday, March 23, 2009

Back to Back Sweetness

How sweet it is, how sweet it is. In a supposed rebuilding year X plays their way into the Sweet 16. This is our fourth trip to the 'sweet land' and our first back to back visit. Here are some quick thoughts from the Wisconsin game:

- I am glad we don't play in the B10. That brand of basketball is painful to watch.

- Great team win. Holloway, McLean, and Frease off the bench really impacted the game. Now if we can get Kenny to hit some freebies we will be alright. Nice to see 'ogre' have a positive impact on the outcome.

- Again to reiterate I have much respect and love for Bo Ryan and the Badger basketball team. They have been to the NCAA's 11 years in a row and this was a down year in terms of wins and losses for that program.

- Point guard play has been solid enough to get us this far in the tournament. I hope it continues.

I will have a preview up of Pitt later this week. Needless to say I have seen them play numerous times this year. They don't run away and hide from anybody on the scoreboard. IF we can keep it close we'll have a chance to pull out the win in the end. I take heart in Pitt's much documented failure to move past the round of 16. I will have an in depth preview of them up on Wednesday most likely. They are 'scary good' and have two All Americans (Young and Blair) in their lineup. Levance Fields is the real deal also. I can't wait for Thursday night.

Yes a great day to be a Musketeer fan.

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