Sunday, March 1, 2009

Huggy I decided I don't hate you(not that you care)

Leading up to last Wednesday's game there were several things in the local media that I found interesting. All the talk of finally getting over the exit of Huggins and all the questions of how Mick has done since he took over - as if comparing him to Huggins could show us something we didn't already know. For the record Mick hasn't been here long enough to be stacking his numbers next to Bobs. 

Of all the talk one thing stood out to me and it was Huggins' answer when asked to address the UC fans who have stopped coming to games or following UC at all since his departure. He told a local Radio host that he "couldn't tell people what to do." He said "that's not who I am." 

WHAT? Are you freaking kidding me? You spent 16 years here telling people how they should perceive the Bearcats! I found myself getting more angry by the minute. I had planned on writing a really pissed off post about the whole thing. How dare he not say the "correct" thing.

Something like - I'm happy, Mick's great, Go support him. - Ya, something like that. The headline in the paper said - Huggs To 'Feel Something'.  All I wanted him to feel was the agony of defeat. Then I saw the tears and I fell for it. I fell for it because they were genuine. Or at least appeared to be. I was happy to see him in the Shoe looking at all the banners that wouldn't be there if not for him. Looking at Mick who wouldn't be here if not for him.

That's when I realized WHY he couldn't answer the question differently. 

You ever have a girlfriend who was the greatest thing ever until she dumped you? From that point on she was the biggest bitch walking and that's what you told anybody who asked. It didn't matter that you got dumped for some stupid shit YOU did - only that you got dumped. 

Huggins' situation is the same. UC basketball was his life and it rejected him. What would you do? Wait a few years and talk about how great it was or still be Bitter?

p.s. Hey, Jennifer from 9th grade. I still don't like you. 

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