Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Allan Chaney

Allan Chaney is transferring from Florida. The 6-8 225 power forward was rated #108 overall by Prepstars in the fall of 2007. Adam Zagoria has posted in his blog that Chaney will be visiting St. Joes tomorrow and then Virginia Tech on Saturday. He has also lined up visits to Temple and Providence within the next two weeks. Xavier, Seton Hall, and Rutgers are vying for his last trip. Working against the Musketeers is Chaney wants to play close to home. However he is from Baltimore, MD originally. Can Bino deliver his first player to Xavier? It looks to be a long shot at this point since we don't even have a confirmed visit. Prepstars scouting write up on him indicated he boasted strong post moves, very good free throw shooter, and would work the glass at both ends.

If Xavier doesn't land Chaney they will most likely bank the scholarship for next season and go into the season with only 11 scholarship players, making four available for the very talented 2010 class. Of course Mack and staff may have other options they want to explore.

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