Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Some Other Names

The interest in the Xavier position is generating quite the internet 'buzz'. There are a couple of other names I heard today that I thought I would share my thoughts on.

KEITH DAMBROT (Akron Head Coach): Believe it or not this guy would bring a hell of a lot of street cred to our program. Far better than anything Book Richardson could accomplish. When your tight with Lebron James young ball players will listen to what you have to say. I have read that he has a 'Bob Huggins type of personality' which may not be an ideal fit for Xavier's administration.

JIM CHRISTIAN (Texas Christian Coach): He built up Kent State to a sustained level over a good period of time before taking the TCU gig. He hasn't been there long and has strong midwest ties. The ceiling for basketball success is quite a bit higher here on Victory Parkway over Fort Worth, TX.

TIM BUCKLEY (Assistant Coach at Indiana): A news station out of Louisville is reporting Tim has an interview lined up later this week. Two years ago he was asked to leave Ball State after an average five year run there. Last season he was at IU and the year before he was at Iowa. My hope is we can do better than this guy but in Bobo I trust.

RON EVERHART (Duquesne Head Coach): This one is getting a lot of play over on the A10 forum. The Dukes are scared as hell we will come calling. In my mind Everhart has been a program builder everywhere he has gone. First he turned around McNeese State, then Northeastern, and now Duquesne. I don't really see Xavier as a program that needs to be 'rebuilt'. You never know, but I just think this is internet jibberish.

BOB KNIGHT (Legend): No 'effin way!

As I type this Sean is having a press conference in Tuscon. If anybody sees the footage tell me his family looks happy to be there because from what I have seen they don't seem too damn happy. Also the state of Arizona does not approve seven year contracts, the max the state will allow is five. Further there will be no chartered flights for PAC 10 games, they view that as a competetive advantage. On top of that the board of regents in Arizona are mad as hell they have to pay a $2 million dollar buyout to Xavier. Sean I hope you aren't real close to the AD there (Jim Livengood) because his arse is about to be run out of town. After the twenty five year streak of consecutive NCAA tournament runs is over for the Wildcats next year I think you will find the 'heat' from the fanbase light years away from anything you felt here. Also the facilites in Tuscon are second rate and Arizona is strapped for cash. I wonder what your impressions were of them today as you seen them for the first time. My point? You shouldn't be feeling 'giddy' about this gig outside of the cash.

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