Monday, May 4, 2009

Parrom to Arizona

No big suprise here: on his weekend visit to Arizona Kevin Parrom committed to the Wildcats. He obviously wanted to play for Miller and Book and life goes on. I could have done without the whole 'Buick to a Lexus' statement he repeated several times but hey $ean is getting easier not to like with each passing day. In the end he needs to win games in Tuscon and he feels Parrom will help him there. It is funny and ironic to me that he said he thought he had a better chance to win a national title at Arizona than Xavier and then continues to pursue the same recruits he was bringing to X. Always one to look on the bright side at least I won't have to put up with 'coach puncher' comments from Flyer and Bearcat faithful for the next few seasons.

Again I think the only chance we fill a scholarship this spring is with Allen Chaney, the transfer from Florida. We are getting on with the 2010 class and some familiar names may commit to X by the end of the July period again. We have lots of PT to offer frontcourt players and guys want to play right away these days. Also Mack and staff have offered their first 2011 target out of Indiana so never fear Muskie faithful it will be business as usual soon enough on the grassroots scene.

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