Wednesday, April 15, 2009

'Feedin' the Machine'

I like that line. Coach Mack has said it his job to 'keep feedin' the machine'. I think the team should get that printed up for the summer work out t-shirts. After listening to Chris at his presser today I feel even more confident we are heading in the right direction. The team has tremendous talent and another stay past the first weekend of the NCAA tournament seems likely.

As expected Travis Steele has been promoted to an assistant position on the team. His previous three years he worked at Indiana University. Before that from 2001-2006 he was a coach on the Spiece/Indiana Elite AAU team that featured such players as Greg Oden and Mike Conley among others. Recruiting Indiana should be second nature for him.

Also Brian Thornton is going to join the team as Director of Basketball Operations and should make a nice impact on our 'bigs' over the course of the season. BT is a great 'fit' because he values academic excellence. It also looks like Mario Mercurio will stay on in his administrative role with the program.

Apparently Coach Mack is headed to NYC this weekend to talk to Kevin Parrom. Kev is a 6'5" small forward and consensus top 100 level player by all the scouting services I peruse. Keeping him would be a nice start for Mack on the recruiting front. It won't be long before the recruiting momentum picks up for the program at all. Mack has high expectations for the staff he is assembling and I am excited to see who the last two assistants will be.

Feed the machine baby!

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