Monday, April 6, 2009

Thanks Sean

Earlier today I thought this post would be 'thanks' for staying and turning down Arizona. Now it is 'thanks' for the great job you have done the last five years with the Xavier program. Many of us loyal fans are hurting with the news you are indeed leaving for Tuscon. Sincere best of luck resurrecting the program for the Wildcats. You are one of the top 10 college basketball coaches in the country in my opinion and now you are certainly paid like it. Of course this has happened to me before and I knew you wouldn't stay forever. As a matter of fact this morning I thought 'great he turned down Arizona, could UCONN be calling next?'.

Again many 'thanks' and the only thing disappointing to me is how our current players were handled during this whole situation. I am sure that is not how you envisioned that going down. Ten minutes before a press conference -and why in the hell did we do a press conference anyway? - is not the way they should have been told. However things seemed to be happening very fast today and again the point of this post is to say 'thanks'. I hope you and your family nothing but the best. Good luck in the PAC 10.

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