Saturday, April 18, 2009

Staff, Brown; other stuff

The coaching staff continues to come together. We know Travis Steele (25) and Brian Thornton have filled roles already. Mario Mercurio has also been reported to stay in his current position. Chris Rounds (strength and conditioning coach) has done a terrific job with the team and is pondering a move to Arizona. Also I have information that a James Madison assistant will be joining the staff. I would imagine you will see an official announcement when both candidates have been identified and accepted the offer. With Coach Mack visiting Kevin Parrom today you may not see that until early next week. Shannon Russell from the Enquirer did confirm thru Mack that Pat Kelsey will not be joining his staff.

Regarding Derrick Brown and his early entry status, I can't say that I am suprised. What junior who hasn't completed his academic requirements wouldn't want to stick his toe in the water with the NBA? Couldn't hurt to see where you stand. Brown will be earning two degrees this spring; one in Marketing and the other Entrepenurial Studies. He will make the best business decision for himself. Selfishly I hope he stays, but if he works his way into a first round pick this year through great workouts I will be proud as proud can be. That will be another NBA jersey to hang in the locker room hallway which is impressive to young recruits.

Did anybody see Isiah Thomas is going to coach Florida International? Wow. Apparently Isiah has long been interested in coaching at the college level. I am curious as to how that turns out. Apparently FIU's only candidates to take over for their interim coach were former NBA players.

The spring signing period wraps up on May 20th. The past few seasons you are seeing prospects take longer and longer in the spring to make a decision. The coaching carousel plays a big part in that. Often times the deadline for the spring period passes and players will still show up on campuses in the summer with no formal announcements from schools.

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