Sunday, November 9, 2008

Yancy Gates is good but......

Last week CBS Sportslines college basketball page put out a list of this seasons top 10 impact freshman. Yancy Gates was not on it. He was however in the section of the list titled "the next ten". I bring this up not to pat Yancy on the back but to make a few points. 

First, even though the article points out that this years crop is not as talented as the last two(how could it be?) half or more of the guys on this list are 1 and done. Off to the land of the overpaid. Its just how it works these days. 

Second, five of the twenty guys mentioned are Big East guys. While I'm not saying we should temper our expectations as Bearcat fans, I am saying that EVERY team in the Big Beast is reloaded. One stud recruit isnt bumping the Cats into the top 5 of this league. 

Lastly, as a Bearcat fan I like getting a guy who is highly rated but not so much that he'll be wearing pro gear next season. Thats not to say he wont come out and dominate the Conference from day 1. I just hope he'll be around a while.

heres a link the the CBS article.

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