Sunday, November 23, 2008

Another Win in the "supposed to" column

I'll take it. After last years performance in the Peggy Cronin- I hope they never bring it back-Classic "supposed to" wins just aren't the schedule fillers they used to be. 

In all seriousness the Cats looked very good with lots of guys scoring the ball and Vaughn watching for most of the game. Alvin Mitchell impressed again showing his slashing ability. Making baskets and forcing fouls like we'd all hoped. Mike Williams was more involved on the offensive side and Toyloy and Biggie...Thats right I said Biggie played very nicely. 

I like that Mick took the opportunity to play everybody and see what he's got. There aren't many chances for that going forward so hopefully Cronin took alot from Saturdays game. I know I did.

The Sophs all looked like they've matured quite a bit and Williams looks better every game. It all points to a good non-conference season including an ugly fight in the Crosstown.

Speaking of ugly. Some guy calling himself "cincymuskie" was posting on about how Mick took over Murray State in great shape and thats why he was successful. Really? Your going there? I'm sorry but didn't Miller inherit one of the best rosters in X history? I'm pretty sure I know the poster. His writing style is VERY familiar. I will just say this. the only record I'm concerned about is the head to head in the Crosstown. After this year I think it'll be one more win for the good guys. 

One other thing Big Ups and Much Love to Brian Kelly and the boys for a HUGE win that all but guarantees them a spot in a BCS Bowl. Thats a hell of a long way from forcing tickets on Basketball season ticket holders. 

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Deck said...

Nice win by Kelly and the boys. No 'hate' for the football program. Don't sleep on Syracuse though. They probably cost Charlie Weis his job this past Saturday.