Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Crosstown Tickets

Tickets for the 2008-09 Skyline Chili Crosstown Shootout are on sale through the University of Cincinnati Athletics Ticket Office. The Shootout will be played on Saturday, Dec. 13 at 8 p.m. in Fifth Third Arena. The price is $40 a seat which is a bargain in my book. If my wife weren't about to give birth any-day about then I'd be there in a minute.

This years game will tip the head to head between Coach Cronin and Coach Miller one way or the other and will surely be a better contest than the last few considering the athletes on the court should match up better. May the Best team win. By best team I mean the Bearcats and by win I mean crush the kingsmen and laugh while the RPI rises to new heights!!

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Deck said...

That RPI has no where to go but up brother! Me and about 10 other blue team guys will be in the rafters at the Shoe for the Shootout. Bringing pepper spray just in case. . .

But we have other rivalries to take care of and that would be the Redhawks of Miami this weekend. We owe them a big smack in the head from last year.