Saturday, November 15, 2008

IPFW Recap

71-43 final is what we should of expected, but still I am happy the season is here and excited about what I saw at Cintas last night.

Brown: ankle limited him but we didn't really need him tonight. what should be scary to our opponents is watch out when him and Raymond start contributing what they are capable of on the offensive end.
Anderson: #20 is a load and will look 'for his' all season long with taking the ball to the hoop. it is uncanny how long he can hang in the air. need to tighten up free throws. should have had 20 points last night.
Love: in great shape and solid. played briefly with Frease on the floor at the same time last night.
Raymond: didn't really get into the flow. i have noticed in our exhibition and against the 'Dons he is taking more drives to the hoop. that will pay off down the line.
Jackson: foul trouble limited him in the first half. he is more than capable of making solid contributions at the '1'. his length and defensive intensity will make for a long night for smaller point guards we face.
McLean: double double off the bench his first game? get the hell out of here. are you serious? beast who attacks the basket with little regard for his health and well being. i love him already.
Frease: 12 points, 7 rebounds, 3 blocks, 2 assists in 20 minutes of action. 'Nuff said. we may not have him for four years. Seven footers who run the floor and have his offensive skill set tend not to linger in college.
Holloway: solid first half with 5 points and a good defender. still had four turnovers. potential is there though with this four star recruit.
Redford: was actually quite solid running the team and didn't look for his shot. could have had a couple more assists if the bigs would have finished. we will need to run set plays early on in his career for him to get his shot. but the three he made was a thing of beauty. he has a super quick release.
Walsh: not to be forgotten i think he will serve as a jack of all trades for us and is very solid overall, better defender this first game than i anticipated.
Taylor: nice hustle but will struggle to get consistent minutes as sean pairs down the rotation.

Toledo is up next and they were beaten last night by Florida 80-58. They have a first year coach in Gene Cross and a very inexperienced backcourt. The Puerto Rico tourney will serve as a better gauge of where we stand. Missouri has two very good forwads in DeMare Carroll and Leo Lyons and Mike Anderson loves to play '40 minutes of hell'. If we get past them VATech has a potential all american in AD Vasallo and I feel that would be an extremely tough game for the young Muskies to win at this point. Finally we could be seeing a USC or Memphis in the final which would mean we had a very good tournament. We have a great collection of talent with the potential to be a very strong team.

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