Friday, November 21, 2008

Five Straight

Over the Big 12 conference. Iowa State, Texas, Kansas State (x2) and now Missouri give X five straight wins over that 'power' conference.

Nervous about VA Tech. Vassallo and Davila are native Puerto Ricans and damn good players on top of that. DBrown needs to step up again and BJ needs to find his range from three land. I think Frease will be on the floor a little more today as well.

Either way huge win yesterday RPI wise. If we would have lost we would have been playing Fairfield with no chance at Memphis. A Memphis/X final for the tourney win would be dreamy. VA Tech brings the ACC pedigree and a win over them would be just as big.

I guess all the haters were crying in their blankets yesterday when Holloway stepped up. He had a hand in the final 15 points being scored by Xavier with an assist to DBrown and Jackson on his three to go along with his 10 points. I won't be able to get out of work today to watch so I will live and die with Byron and Joe on the big one.

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