Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Coastal Carolina Recap

4-0 is nice. You know what's better? Getting there with contributions from all up and down the bench. I'm starting to feel like a broken record but Williams, Gates, Toyloy, and Mitchell all looked good at times but lets talk about Biggie.

 Man did he look like a beast or what. 11 pts and 3 blocks is EXACTLY what the Bearcats need from him. He looked more confident and didn't get pushed around like last year. If he keeps this up and thats a big if considering he was 5" taller than the biggest Chanticleer( a type of rooster if you wanted to know but please make up your own cock jokes I wont stoop to...awwww crap.)he will be gaining minutes every night.

I dont want to forget Larry Davis' performance. Not only did he drop 14 pts including 4 3pointers.He also played ball hawking, lockdown on the ball D. I believe that good teams with a lockdown defender can become great teams. Last years Xavier team(choking back vomit) proved that. 

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