Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Alvin Mitchell Finally arrives in Clifton and other observations

The performance he put on was close to what we all expected/hoped for in the beginning. If this continues against good competition the Cats could be a sleeper team in February and March. I know its early but its exciting nonetheless.

Dion Dixon rebounded the ball just as Mick said he would. Expect to see him on the floor alot.

Steve Toyloy also "did his job" as Marvin Lewis would say. 7 reb and 11 pts on 5/5 shooting.

Darnell Wilks also played well including a very nice Alley-oop from Vaughn.

All of this with only 12 pts from Vaughn all in the 1st half.

If Coach Cronin can keep these guys motivated look out Big East!

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