Thursday, February 5, 2009

Yes The Bearcats Are Good

A few weeks ago I wasn't sure what to think of this Bearcats team. I'm still not totally sure but I do know a few things I didn't know then. 
1. This team is tough. I'm not sure what happened but it seems like they all of a sudden realized what it takes to play in this league. They'll have to prove it against some VERY tough competition in the next few weeks for sure. I am willing to bet they win at least one they shouldn't. 
2. Deonta Vaughn isn't  just the leading scorer and best player. He is this teams leader. His toughness and determination is what makes this team better than it should be. His on court poise and his quotes in the media of late tell me he finally gets it. 
3. If he keeps his mind on the game and concentrates Yancy Gates is as good as anyone in the Big East. What he lacks in experience he can make up for in talent. If he learns from Vaughn how to lead this team the skies the limit. 
4. The Bearcats have an outside shot at meaningful post season play(I wont say it yet). With 5 of there losses coming against teams in the top 25 in both major polls. Six of 8 losses against teams in the top 30 in RPI(realtimerpi). The other 2 against #64. Two wins against teams that have spent time in the top 25 and the very real possibility that they finish with 19 or 20 wins in the top half of the Big East. A few planets may have to align just right but.......

One last thing. Its been exciting to be a Bearcat fan this year. I love being able to say that. 

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