Friday, February 20, 2009

Game Recap: 49ers

Xavier went down to the other 'Queen City' and were handed a 65-60 loss. It appears X is doing everything they can to prove the A10 is a tough conference having dropped three of the last four, all on the road. If the intensity doesn't pick up we will be quick outs in the A10 tournament and the NCAA tournament. If they were seeding today we would be in the 6 range. At the beginning of the season I predicted 12-4 in conference which seemed not likely at the midpoint of the A10 season. However X, with the way they have played recently, could lose three of the next four as well. Our major issue of experience at the point guard position is more prevalent than ever. We got a couple of weeks to get all of this figured out.

Jamel McLean deserves mention for how he played last night. Charlotte did a great job of limiting touches for BJ in the first half and they hit timely 3 point shots. That is another theme I have seen develop in X's five losses. IF a team is 'on' from deep turn out the lights susie. I am also starting to think I won't miss CJ Anderson as much as I thought after he is gone. He is a complimentary player and we get in trouble when he tries to take over in games, especially against teams with athletic front lines. He got fed a couple spalding burgers last night and deservedly so. Shot fake anyone? Terrell Holloway needs to come out of the hole he is in and I think his confidence took another blow when he was removed from the starting lineup. GW comes to town Sunday afternoon and that is probably the last 'easy' game on the schedule. Obviously they need to win that one and get one back on the road at St. Joseph's. I would imagine we will fall another 6/7 spots in the top 25 polls as well. You are picking a bad time to play poorly guys. Here is to hoping the team recoups quickly.

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