Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Afternoon Delights

Overall a 'good news' afternoon for Xavier basketball:

- Announced (finally) a ten year home and home series with Wake Forest beginning next season. The long rumored series will be titled the 'Skip Prosser Classic' and rotate each season between Cincinnati and Winston Salem. Excellent deal for us and kudos (again) to 'Bobo' for getting it done. I couldn't think of a more fitting tribute for Prosser.

- X inched up to #9 in both rankings that come out this afternoon. It will be hard for the Muskies to climb much higher playing in the 'average' 10 of a conference that we do. BUT there is hope that UD (sitting just outside of the top 25) will string two wins together this week and join us in the national rankings. That would make our 2/11 game up north all the more interesting.

- ESPN reported that 'Tutu' Holloway did not practice today due to his ankle. The good news is that tests revealed no fracture. I believe Terrell will play Thursday and this is simply the staff giving him a rest and a chance to heal. Not sure if he is 100% and don't look for Sean to be completely accurate on his radio show tonight. In the spirit of gamesmanship he will be guarded in his response one would think.

- Also I would like to comment on the marketing departments idea for Thursday's night game. They are asking that we wear a white shirt if we sit in an odd numbered section and wear a blue if we park in an even section. I don't like it. The only way I will like it is if shirts (XL please) are given out at the door. We tried this a few years ago for the Temple game. Many might remember it: a day or so before the game John Chaney blamed southern Ohio for re-electing W. to a second term. It didn't go over well then what makes them think it will go over now? I admit it is a cool concept but come on. The X fans aren't interested in a 'white out', 'blue out', 'blue/white out' ad nauseum. A BLOW OUT will suit us just fine.

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