Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Afternoon Update

In the polls this afternoon X has dropped to 16th in the AP and 17th in the USA Today rankings. Dayton climbed into the top 25 in the AP and rest just outside of it in the USA Today compilation. Please note UC received 0 votes; zero, nada, nothing in both polls. They haven't actually beaten anybody in either poll as well. I normally wouldn't be so harsh but I am still a little upset at 'Mickey'.

Joe Lunardi took the time to also place the little guy back in his box in his column today concerning his latest update on ESPN's 'Bracketology'. He still has UC on the outside looking in and they are right there. They really need to win two of the next three and finish off Seton Hall and USF at the end of the year. As it were today West Virginia would get the call over the Bearcats. Again all of this is in the Bearcats' hands to change over the next couple of weeks.

The Memphis Tigers have climbed up to #5 in the Associated Press. X also own wins over Missouri (11) and LSU (23). Also three of our four defeats come against teams in the current top 25. This is the main reason our RPI is staying in the top 10. Getting wins over teams like Fordham certainly do nothing to improve it.

I thought CJ, BJ, and Derrick Brown handled themselves very well on Channel 9's 'Sports of All Sorts' last night. They remained classy when a caller baited them with how they would do in another conference. The guys responded they were 12-2 this year outside of the A10.

And finally 2010 high major wing guard Rod Odom was in the house for the Fordham game. He is every bit of 6'8" and moving towards 6'9". He looks a little slight of frame but he intrigues me as a prospect. Number one he first received attention from the Ivy league schools meaning he is an outstanding student. Secondly I am curious to see if the '2' is his best position in college. He is getting plenty of high major looks at this time but it is nice to have another east coast prospect visiting us so early.

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