Friday, February 13, 2009


Why does Mick Cronin find it necessary to constantly remind us that the Big East is better than the A10? Is it because two programs in that conference reside in Southwest Ohio and are currently doing better than his? Was he upset because Derrick Brown recently commented he liked playing for a coach who has 'been there and done the things we are doing'? Is it because the guy who has forecasted the NCAA tournament with 99% accuracy the last ten years is calling UC a bubble team? Is he mad because that guy (Joe Lunardi) is a St. Joseph's alum? Shouldn't you be taking care of your own house (we still have a month left in the season) and keep working on the next game? Do you not think 'karma' is keeping an eye on you? Did you miss the announcement that Xavier's AD (Mike Bobinski) is on the NCAA selection committee?

All sarcasm aside Mick worry about your next game. You need to win 2 of the next 4 to get in the tournament. The A10 has absolutely nothing to do with that. They don't select conferences to go to the 'Big Dance'. They select teams. Your team has a chance to be NCAA worthy with a couple more wins. You appear to be a whiner at almost every turn. The reason you are on the 'bubble' is because you didn't beat enough quality teams out of conference. Playing D1 transitional schools like South Dakota doesn't do you any favors either. So please quit shilling so much about the Big East is better. It reminds me of the little guy on the playground who had the biggest bike but still couldn't pedal it fast enough to keep up with the cool kids. You control your own destiny. Make a believer out of the committee and you will get in. Simple as that. Control what you can control.

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