Sunday, January 25, 2009

Things Noticed

- Nancy Z. moving on? Say it ain't so!

- Charlie Coles is now the all time winningest coach in Miami history with 217 wins. Congrats to him. I put him right up there with Skip amongst my all time faves as head coaches go.

- is an awesome site if you are an A10 fan. Believe it or not there are a few out there.

- UD -v- Bona today, something has to give. The Flyers have been struggling (but winning) against lower level A10 teams (Fordham, GW) and the Bonnies are 7-0 on the road.

- My buddy Dave is back posting. I always enjoy his insights. I can appreciate his loyalty too.

- I believe Marcus Thornton is the best player X has played against this season.

- Duke dismantled Maryland 85-44 last night. Coach K is on a roll.

- The Enquirer's surveys on 'State of Local Sports' produced some interesting results published in their Sunday edition. X basketball received the third highest amount of pollsters (1,011) behind the Bengals and Reds of course. We were followed in terms of surveyors by Kentucky Speedway, UC Football, and UC basketball (754). Point? I hope local talk radio and news rooms paid attention.

- Resume watch: X now has wins over 9 top 100 RPI teams. The best currently is Memphis who rate #11 in the RPI. The Musketeers are currently #4 in the RPI and a combined 6-1 against teams from the top six conferences. I predict we will reach #11 in one of the two national polls this week, possibly higher as two top 12 teams square off today.

-BlackburnBlog dedicated to all things UD is an intersting site to say the least. Gregory to Georgia next season? I am not sure that is going to happen. BG is close to doing big things in Flyer Land and that would be step down.

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