Thursday, January 1, 2009

Game Recap: Robert Morris

A 21 point win over Bobby Mo was a good way to start a New Year's eve evening. Jason Love had the best performance for the Muskies with a career high 15 points. He also had six boards and three blocks to go along with his scoring output. Brad Redford shot the ball more times than he has all season and it resulted in 5-8 from three land. Two that he missed were right on line and one was long. I remain excited about his potential and it is nice to see him drop multiple long range bombs in a game. Also after two losses Sean juggled the lineup and put in Terrell Holloway over Dante' Jackson. My hope is that pays dividends come conference play. Finally BJ Raymond came back to life a little bit with a thirteen point performance.

X remains in the top 10 of the RPI with a SOS of 2. We have a nice road test Saturday afternoon at Virginia (6-4, 1-0 ACC). They are coming off a conference opening overtime win at Georgia Tech. Their best player is a freshman named Sylvan Landesberg who is averaging 19 points per game. He was a McDonald's AA last season and obviously has produced at the next level thus far. Also they have a redshirt freshman named Sammy Zeglinski who is an absolute dead eye shooter.

Happy New Year to everyone. I hope '09 brings prosperity to all.

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