Thursday, January 8, 2009

Game Recap: St. Louis

It was the Derrick Brown show tonight at Cintas Center. Perfect from the field (6-6) and the foul line (5-5) to finish with 20 points in 19 minutes. In front of NBA scouts from teams like Indiana, Milwaukee, Detroit, Clippers, Dallas, Miami, Charlotte, and Golden State as reported by Shannon Russell of the Cincinnati Enquirer. You picked a good night to shine Derrick and that highlight 'D-Bag' on 6-11 Brett Thompson from SLU is certainly SportsCenter top 10 material.

The best stat of the night is the 15 assists against 8 turnovers. Also Dante' Jackson coming off the bench to register 6 assists and the hustle play of the year was icing on the cake. Coach said that dive is the kind of play you show kids years from now on what hustle is all about.

Defense was solid and held SLU to one three pointer. The aforementioned scouts were also on hand to see Tommie Liddell and the Muskies did a good job limiting him.

I also think it is about time I check in with my favorite Dayton fan Jim 'Swampy' Meadows and compare Brad Redford and Paul Williams up to this point in their careers. I think the people who voted for Mr Basketball in Michigan last year called it right swamp. He is becoming a point producing spark off the bench. 2-3 from deep and a nice little back door layup for 8 points in 15 minutes. Good D from 'Reds' as well I thought. Also CJ was a very efficient 6-8 for 13 points and Big Lovely came through with 11 points and 7 rebounds. He picked up Kenny who couldn't hit the broadside of a barn and seemed off his game all night. Going 2-9 from the field when your 7-0 is not ideal. But he continued to hustle and made an impact on the defensive end.

Next up is Fordham and I think Byron Larkin summed it up best on his post game radio show "that place is a terrible gym and they are a terrible team". That was his response to Joe Sunderman's assertion that Rose Hill in the Bronx was an interesting place to play. They are flat out bad this year with a 2-11 record.

(Also my buddy Dave asked that I let everybody know he is not going to return to posting until Mick Cronin is replaced. Sorry bad joke. Expectedly he has been busy with his newborn son and taking care of his two year old as well. He shall return in the very near future.)

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