Monday, January 19, 2009

Back With a Vengeance

Ok not really a vengeance. More like back with a sleepless zombie like energy level. The last few weeks have been crazy.

For those that don't know my wife had a baby and I have been at home for the last several weeks taking care of business.

In those two weeks I think I watched a grand total of 10 minutes of sports. It was just luck that I didn't get to watch the Bearcat's looking awful to start Big East Play. Deck of course wants you to think I was hiding BECAUSE of it. I will hopefully be able to catch the Providence rematch tonight and throw something up for your reading pleasure. I wont be posting any recaps or reports of the games that took place in my absence since I didn't get to see any of them but I will say this. The Cats are far from done in the Big East and are separated from the top half of the conference by just a few games. Lets go Cats!

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xutag77 said...

Just playing a game at LSU would be helpful during the confrence schedule around SBU, LaSalle and a Charlotte tean that has won 5 games.