Saturday, January 24, 2009

Perspective is a funny thing

Anybody notice that the Bearcats have matched last season's win total for the entire season? Apparently doing so this early means nothing and Mick should lose his job. If you read the paper, listen to local sports talk or even just the talk at my office. 

Don't get me wrong I am not happy with two losses to the Friars but did any of you expect them to beat the top teams in the Big East this season? That's who they are losing games to. Providence by the way has won 5 conference games. That's as good as the best teams in the league and puts them in sixth place. 

As much as we'd like to think we shouldn't be losing to Providence or be in close games with St. Johns this is exactly where UC was picked to be by every analyst in the country. The New York Papers were writing how St. Johns should not be losing to UC and that such a loss could derail the whole season. 

St. Johns thinks they are too good to lose to UC. Perspective. 

As a UC fan I wish things were different. I wish Mick would stop saying "we're young". I wish Deonta Vaughn didn't have to play 36 minutes with the other teams defense set up to stop him. I wish Biggie wasn't a flop. I wish a lot of things but mostly I wish the team played hard every game from start to finish. If that was the case at least one of the Providence games would be a win. 

I'm not writing this to say I'm happy with this seasons results. I'm not. I have been a big time Cronin guy from the beginning but I am getting tired of his postgame explanations that, while matter of fact, are NOT refreshing to hear. I am starting to question whether or not he is a good enough motivator and on court coach. I am starting to question his recruiting a bit. I'm not jumping ship but my patience is waning. Six more wins gives UC a winning season for the first time in Micks tenure. Out of 11 remaining games that is not impossible. Improbable maybe but not impossible. Get those six wins Mr. Cronin and I will follow you into next season with much confidence.

For now I will continue to back Coach Cronin but Persective is a funny thing. Todays hero can become tomorrow's villian in... well... 11 games.

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