Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Calling Chicken Little

Hey Dave! Where have you been? Paternity leave is over. You need to find five minutes and link something, tell us how great Brian Kelly and the football program is, or how Mick is JUST now starting to rebuild the 'Cats. Give us something brother. The game tonight is very 'winnable' and is needed by the Bearcats to restore some confidence. You know this is all in good fun but the board has had too much of an X tilt to it lately.

Speaking of which I haven't seen any comments lately from 'Cats fans telling me how inherently better the UC program is over X. I miss the back and forth a little bit. My honest (no hate) perspective of the UC situation is this: without a solid answer at point guard any team would struggle. And for a team trying to compete in the uber tough Big East it is especially brutal.

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