Thursday, May 29, 2008

NBA Camp Update

I wanted to give a quick update on some information I received from Draft Express regarding our two guys in Orlando. JDunc has court sense and team skills that would be welcome in the NBA but his athleticism is lacking for him to be a '3' and they question his overall strength to be a '4'. They list him as a European level player. Hammer is making his name on the defensive end down there (go figure) and the recap had this line that I just had to share concerning Brian Roberts: "He did struggle defensively trying to stay in front of the very strong and aggressive Stanley Burrell, who got to the rim whenever he wanted and absolutely man-handled anyone standing in his way". You gotta love that. To be fair though BRob is said to have one of the purest jump shots in the 64 man camp and is great playing in transition. His slight frame is a detriment to his draftability but he is making a good impression playing the point thus far.

Other A10 players are doing well also. Gary Forbes destroyed Wayne Ellington and many, many teams are going to be watching his individual workouts today to gauge his jumpshot. Mark Tyndale from Temple has the size and length they are looking for at the next level (he threw down a two handed flush over Sasha Kaun that was a head turner) but his jump shot needs tremendous improvement though. I was mistaken in that Will Daniels is not at this camp but Pat Calathes is. He made some very slick passes in his game and was efficient shooting the mid range but they question his funky release and accuracy to three point land in the NBA. Shawn James from Duquesne is down there too but I have yet to see any updates on his performance thus far. In all there are 7 A10 players in Orlando trying to make the next step up.

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