Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Random Thoughts 6/3/08

Here are just a few random musings as I start my day:

- The A10 has a new commissioner and her name is Bernadette McGlade. She was the asst. commish in the ACC and has much expertise in dealing with television contracts as she not only helped the ACC but the entire NCAA negotiate their deal with CBS.

- Speaking of TV deals Xavier has reached a new agreement with FSN Ohio. FSN Ohio would like to televise 10 or so contests for us but CBS Sports (formerly CSTV) gets the rights to A10 contests. Here is hoping they can work together.

- Bobo to Notre Dame has been a hot rumor and deservedly so. If I was the Irish giving Mike's past connections with them he would be on my short list. His official stance is he is not interested and that is good enough for me.

- An All 4 One club member is telling me we will be playing Duke the week before Christmas next season on national television. Love getting a chance at these guys on a neutral floor.

- Summer league ball is starting in a couple of weeks and I am hoping all the new guys are in town by then so we can see them up close and personal. I know Terrell Holloway has already been coming down for some open gyms on campus.

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