Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Andrew Fitzgerald

Andrew Fitzgerald from Owings Mills, MD has been a fast riser on the spring AAU circuit. When you are 6-9 245 and show the ability to be dominant in the low post that will happen. He has announced his final three according to Rivals and X, Kentucky, and Pittsburgh is on that list. He is scheduled for a weekend visit to X soon.

Hey Andrew take note of the massive player defections from UK. They lost Jasper and Mike Williams a seven footer just this week. There is a reason this is happening beyond playing time concerns. Gillespie grinds on people to say the least. We have two openings and it is looking more and more like Mfon and Ari Stewart are a package deal. I would be more than happy with a two man class of Fitzgerald and another fast riser in Tevin Baskin. My sources tell to rate Baskin as the player as of right now most likely to commit to X when a firm offer is in place. He is certainly the staff's number 2 choice behind Stewart IMO. Kudos to Sean, Mack, Book, and Whit for hustling on the recruiting circuit and getting in on these kids early. He has done this with Fitzgerald and they identified Stewart several seasons ago as a high major talent.

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