Sunday, May 18, 2008

Random Thoughts 5/19/08

Just a few random thoughts:

- Attended XU's commencement yesterday and it was nice to see all three seniors walk across the stage and pick up their diplomas. One dumb ass in the crowd chanted 'UC, UC' as Josh walked across the stage. Numbnuts decided to do the same when Lavender came up and was quickly visited by campus police. Have a little class will ya? At least let the guys walk in peace.

- Lavender has recently worked out for the Hawks, JDunc for the Heat, Burrell also worked out for the Hawks and the Bucks I believe. My money is still on Josh to make an NBA roster first.

- Kevin Parrom probably deserves a second chance.

- Donnie Hale high major from 2010 class was recently on campus for a visit.

- Ari Stewart seems content to wait until fall to make his commit. I think the XU staff is willing to wait, but if Baskin is ready to jump they'll take him in a minute.

- The Enquirer had a nice piece today on summer hoops and the challenges it presents OHSAA. I think it is truly a lot to ask AD's on the high school level to keep tabs on these kids over the summer. Grassroots basketball is not going anywhere anytime soon and the high schools are even benefitting with free tennis shoes and warmups.

- Bob Huggins picked up a nice one in Devin Ebanks. The forward is a top 20 recruit for the class of '08 and was once headed to Indiana. Thanks Kelvin.

- Still interested to see an update on Alvin Mitchell's status with the Bearcats. NO BS I think the guy can be a big time contributor for the dark side.

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