Tuesday, January 15, 2008

UC @ Notre Dame preview

OK, now that I got that out of the way....

Here is what you need to know about tonights game. The Irish have won 30 in a row at home. The Bearcats Are 3-15 on the road since joining the Big East. Now I'm not saying a win is impossible but getting struck by lightning isn't impossible either.

If UC has any chance to win this game they will have to continuing to play stingy defense and rebound the offensive glass like they did in the last two games. Notre Dame likes to shoot the three and so far in conference UC has held opponents to .260 from behind the arc.
Deonte Vaughn(reigning Big East PLayer of the week Hell Yeah!) should continue to produce and if the Nova game wasn't a fluke Alvin Mitchell and Biggie Mcllain might be just what the Cats need to hang around in this one.
UC @ Notre Dame tonight @ 7:00pm on ESPN 2

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