Thursday, January 31, 2008

Things Can Change

Things can change and how quickly they do sometimes. One short month ago many were passing off our Kansas State victory as nothing special other than the complete shut down of Michael Beasley. BTW- Jason Love owns Michael Beasley! And now 30 days later they have won 10 out of 11 games with an absolute huge win last night over in state rival Jayhawks. People KU owned the Wildcats on a level that is hard to understand. Before last night KU had won the previous 19 played in Manhattan. Imagine UD beating X 19 straight times in Cincinnati, or Louisville winning for that many years in a row at the Shoe. It is just mind boggling. Hard to even call it a 'rivalry'. Well guess what: none of that matters this morning. KU's undefeated season is ruined and the Wildcats are moving up the rankings. And I appreciate all their hard work and take back some of the bad things I have said about Frank Martin in the past. It is amazing what winning will do for perspective. Talk to a UC fan today? They are seeing the sun shine again. Talk to them last week, not so much. We lose to Lasalle this weekend and the sky will be falling over on Victory Parkway. Keep working and you never know what could happen.

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